Digital Currency News

These days bitcoins and alt currencies have news flying in from all corners of the web. TigerDirect, Las Vegas Casinos, Overstock, and many more significant companies are now accepting BTC thanks to BitPay.

To keep track of all the latest and greatest, we recommend the blog that’s updated every day to provide you the best lawn mower reviews news online. This easy blog presents all the news in non-technical jargon that every one can understand and is written by an expert in Bitcoin.

What is Bitcoin and this whole cryptocurrency phase? What’s happening is a new form of currency has emerged and it’s taking hold because it makes life easier and gets away from centralized gov and inflation. Of course new problems come with it such as high electricity use, deflationary aspects, ease of crime, etc.

However, it seems momentum is pushing towards digital currency becoming a way of life rather than dying away. Much progress is in limbo because US law is still not sure how to handle it. Because of this, the larger companies have much too lose and are thus not accepting Bitcoin.

We’ll see how usage and merchant acceptance play out in the future. For now, keep on beat with the news.

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Web Design Services

Web design is very important to converting clients and customers. If the cover on your book doesn’t convey the look customers want and expect, you very likely will not get a sale or conversion.

Also important is search engine marketing and social media marketing. You want to get a firm that offers these services like so you can grow your online marketing and advertising without growing your budget. Being ranked in Google is important for many businesses as they get free traffic from it.

PPC marketing is also a big deal. PPC marketing can be just like free money if you know that a certain cost will give you a certain ROI. For example, if you spend $100 and get #300 in sales back, you want to continue spending all you can because you’re getting a 300% return.

Although it seems obvious that the Internet is the way to go, many companies still don’t put up a website or a well designed site at that. If you’re not going to do it because of the technical aspects and time consumption, you definitely need to hire a service because the online world is only growing and it’s important you reach out.

Local businesses have so much to gain by creating a campaign centered online. Of course, offline is crucial to but you want to have both facets working together and not just have one or the other going at any one time. Don’t just hire anybody though, you want to get the right company.

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$200 Cash Bonus Deposit on gives out free cash when you sign up and deposit money in your account. This is good news to fantasy players trying to beat the rake and cushion the blows from losses. So how does the free bonus work and how fast does Draft Street release the incentive for signing up.

New players who sign up at the site are eligible to receive a dollar for dollar match bonus when they use the Draftstreet promo code SALARYCAP. The match cash works all the way up to $200. This means you can deposit $50 and get $50 bonus or $100 and get $100 bonus. However, you can only get $200 free money maximum.

If you deposit over $200, you will still deposit that amount but your account will only be credited with the max of $200. This is a one-time sign up offer so when you make your sign up deposit, it pays to max out SALARYCAP for the most you can afford. The more you deposit, the more free money you get to play in any fantasy games you want to.

The daily and weekly fantasy sports site’s promotional terms used such as promos and referral are used interchangeably by DS.  The important thing is to make sure and put SALARYCAP into the code box so you can get 100% cash match bonus.

Many fantasy players are already playing on and there’s much money to be one for skilled fantasy players.  If you want to make easier money, play fantasy games like PGA Golf, NHL Hockey, and NCAA football and basketball.  The talent in these games is nothing compared to the competition in fantasy football and fantasy basketball.

The worst thing you can do is neglect to use SALARYCAP and get a lesser promo code bonus.  Enter SALARYCAP and get up to $200 in free money to play in real cash fantasy games with.

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SALARYCAP is Best Draftstreet Promo Code

The best Draftstreet promo code is SALARYCAP. Enter SALARYCAP into the code box and you will instantly get 100% cash bonus on your deposit.

How Draftstreet Promocodes Work

When you use “SALARYCAP” you get 100% cash match bonus on your initial deposit. This means if you deposit $125, you will get $125 in bonus money in your account. You can max this offer out at $200.

Draftstreet promo code

SALARYCAP gives you the most free cash bonus money available on

So to get the most money out of this Draftstreet recruiting code deposit $200 into your account and you will get $200 in bonus money.

Why This is Helpful

You need to build a strong bankroll when you start off playing fantasy football, fantasy basketball or whatever game you’re playing. Although Draftstreet has the lowest rake, a $200 cash bonus (or whatever you decide to deposit) can help offset that rake and also cushion the blow from your losses.

If you don’t use SALARYCAP as your promocode you’re missing out on free money. Even if you only deposit $50, you still get $50 in free money to play in real cash games with. That’s nothing to let pass you by.

In Jonathan Bales, Fantasy Football for Smart People, he emphasizes that these free cash bonuses for signing up are crucial to beating the math in fantasy games – especially considering the rake you’re up against.

This is a limited offer in the since that once you sign up, you can no longer get the initial sign up bonus anymore. Although Draftstreet promo code SALARYCAP doesn’t expire in 2013-2014 or any other time, it’s crucial you take advantage of it while you can.

If you can afford to, deposit more money now and then save money by not depositing later in the year. For example, you don’t want to deposit $100 now and then $100 next week – that would be a waste of money since you’d be missing out on a free $100. Instead, just deposit all the $200 now and get the maximum $200 cash bonus so you can have it in your account.

This is the best referral code. There is no other Draftstreet code that’s better and you can’t get anymore than $200 in free sign up bonus money.


Recruiting code, referral code, and promocode all mean the same thing on Draftstreet (see this Draftstreet Twitter promo code for more info). Sometimes Draftstreet will ask if you’ve heard about this code on TV or the radio.

You cannot withdraw your bonus cash as soon as it’s credited to your account. You can always withdraw the deposit money in your account but of course they can’t just let you take out the deposit bonus or else everybody would be robbing from them blind.

Draftstreet is a reputable site and pays out on time. They have numerous positive reviews and literally over 250,000+ people have registered there and many are active players. The most popular game is fantasy football but they also have fantasy PGA, NBA basketball, NHL hockey, MLB baseball, and NCAA college basketball and football.

Payouts are usually made within 30 minutes of the games closing which is pretty amazing if you think about all the processing that has to happen. The primary league types are salarycap, pick’em, and snake draft. These leagues are constantly open and filling until game time.

Rosters lock approximately 5 minutes before game time. They have live score tracking and a very nice interface for checking scores. Currently Draftstreet does have a mobile website but I have not found an app in the Apple store.

Draftstreet’s main competitors are Fanduel, Draftkings, DraftDay, and StarStreet. These sites are all competing to be the #1 daily and weekly fantasy game sites.

The legality of fantasy sports comes down to the 2006 UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act) which defines fantasy sports as a game of skill and thus not a game of chance. There is a little ambiguity here but these daily fantasy sites are mostly comprised of US players.

Don’t forget to use the promo code SALARYCAP when you sign up at This code will give you the max cash bonus possible.

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