Carlos Boozer’s Hair Transplant? Boozer Receding Hairline Magically Grows Back

Were you watching the Bulls-Lakers game on Christmas Day? Did you happen to see Carlos Boozer’s hairline? The turnaround was amazing. Carlos Boozer had a huge receding hairline just last year. Now Carlos Boozer’s hairline is almost straight around his forehead. Let’s look at the photo evidence.

In the first picture, you can see a perfect hairline from Carlos Boozer. This is present day. When I first saw him, I had to look twice at his hair because I knew in seasons past, Boozer’s hair line was a full widow’s peak with a deep receding hairline toward the middle of his head.

carlos boozer hairline

Carlos Boozer's hairline is drastically different than in season's past. (credit forum

I don’t know that Carlos Boozer got a hair transplant or hair plugs but either way, the new hairline looks great and I say congratulations.

You can see in this second picture that Carlos’s hairline was much different.

I’ve got a pretty significant receding hairline myself so if Boozer found some natural way to gain hair around his forehead, I’d hope he share. I’m not the only one. Many men suffer from male pattern baldness in both receding hairlines and losing hair on the crown area of the head.

Manu Ginobili is a good NBA player example of someone with a huge bald spot on the back of his head. He also has experienced some effect of a receding hairline.

Have you been able to prevent more hair loss or actually been able to grow back hair naturally? Please leave a comment, we’d all love to hear about your hair loss success.

receding hairline

Carlos Boozer's old hairline. (credit on Carlos Boozer New Hairline

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6 Responses to Carlos Boozer’s Hair Transplant? Boozer Receding Hairline Magically Grows Back

  1. S.P. says:

    I think it is a hair tatoo bc even with a h.t. It would take a year to grow out and the hairline wouldn’t be so defined.

  2. j says:

    It’s called follicular hair restoration, basically a hair transplant not the old school hair plugs. Yes there are natural ways to grow your hair back but this is a transplant forsure. I know this bc I’ve been on the men’s hair club program for 5 months now and a significant amount of hair has grown back so much to wear people notice and say something . But I still couldn’t get my hairline to grow back in, that’s why I’m having surgery in January (same surgery as Boozer) there are so many advances in technology now and they have made the transplant process so much easier its not as bad as people think

  3. dee says:

    Its hair transplant using the new tech call F.U.E so it’s natural and will grow even longer and there’s no scarring on the back so he can keep it that short. But yea he looks 100% better and happier. They did a good job we wouldn’t even know he did it if we saw him for the very first time.

  4. admin says:

    J, how much does the surgery cost?

  5. O.J. says:

    It’s called Black Ice hairspray. It stays in hair for a few days and yes, it makes it look like there’s a hairline. Many barbers use it on their clients and i think it looks good when cuts are really low.

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